Michael Carberry Jewellery 





About the Artist

 Michael's work has featured in exhibitions both in the UK and internationally, and is owned in public and private collections. He has also undertaken a two month prestigious residency at Cove Park, Scotland and he has also participated in the Shetland Arts Residency. 

The Artist, Michael Carberry

History of the Artist

When Michael Carberry first began to create his contemporary designs, shortly after graduating from The Cass, he made a rather unlikely decision to steer away from producing pieces that could be considered ‘fashionable’. 

Instead, an emphasis has always been placed upon the idea of timelessness, Michael states that when he is not here – his designs will be, and they will be relevant regardless of trends.

It is refreshing to still see prominence placed upon uniqueness; something which Michael considers important not only in the process, but also the end result.

The jewellery itself is very processed lead and relies upon traditional techniques with a modern-day twist.  As Michael’s jewellery is made by hand, every single piece reflects the process of construction, with its essence telling a story. 

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